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Marco Marco

Branding, Naming

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Marco Marco is a fast casual restaurant that serves Italian cuisine with an international twist by fusing local ingredients and food culture with classic Italian staples.

We set out to create a brand that captured a spirit of adventure with every bite, beginning with its name. A direct allusion to Italy’s most famous explorer, Marco Polo, we chose a playful moniker that was short and easy to say.
Seeing as the restaurant needed a broad, universal appeal, we crafted a visual identity that was friendly, but straightforward. Using a wordmark communicated its name instantly, while its rounded corners, bold red, and angled baseline gave the brand with a dynamic vitality that was warm and welcoming.
Taking Italy as a point of departure, every item on the menu represents a journey across countries and cultures. To tell these unique culinary stories, we decided to create a set of deconstructive photographs that echoed the venue’s open kitchens and gave diners a closer look at the actual ingredients and unexpected combinations that elevate each dish.

They also featured backdrops of clean pastels that let the rich visual textures and colours of each ingredient stand out, while a palette of bold red grounded with a neutral cream were applied to the restaurant’s paper menus and staff uniforms. These juxtapositions further reinforced Marco Marco’s unique ability to meld culinary tradition with modern creativity.